I’m transparent about pricing. There are no hidden costs or retainers.

For a basic website (a homepage and up to four additional pages), with pictures and text, my price is $650.  This includes meeting with you for up to an hour to find out exactly what you are looking for and what information you want to display, and picking, together, a theme (which directs the layout of your site). This also includes a wrap-up session after your site is live, so that you know EXACTLY how to make changes to your site that you might want in the future – things like changes in hours, prices, postings about storm closings, etc. You’ll find that it’s easy to do, and you’ll have control.

There are two other costs to a website that don’t involve me, but that you will need. One is the charge for the domain name (your URL), and the other is the charge for hosting (the company that will keep your website up and running). These are typically not expensive (from about $15 / year for the domain and $3 – $10 / month for hosting) and I can help you search domain names and make recommendations on hosting. I’m always ready to help.

So, when does a site build cost more than $650? When you have more than four pages, or special requests like links to external calendars or ecommerce. But I always try to keep costs down for you. Talk to me about your needs.


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