Getting Started

Having a website that is perfect for you is important – it’s important for your business, important for your customers, important in portraying who you are. You want to make sure it’s just right.

This is where I can help. I love putting together attention-getting websites that perfectly reflect what you want to convey.  With a background in business, writing and editing, an absurd attention to detail, and a love of working with small business owners and individuals who want a great presence on the web, I’m ready to work with you!

My business model is different than some. When I put together a website for you, the website is YOURS – not mine. This means that after it’s up and running, you control updates, changes, and the hosting commitment. I don’t serve as a “middle person” for those services, meaning you don’t pay me a retainer, you don’t have to track me down to post new information, and you have full control. Naturally, if you want to hire me for additional services down the road, I’ll be here.

Here’s How the Process Works

Step One:

We sit down together to discuss what you want your website to broadly look like and convey. We’ll come up with a general layout and talk about what attributes you’ll want, and we’ll discuss what pictures, other media items, and information you’d like to include. Take a look at Preparing for Your Website Build for info on what you should think through before we meet.

Step Two:

I assemble a draft website for you, using language, photos, and other media items you’ve provided.  Of course I can help with written text and finding appropriate media, if desired.  I share the draft with you to make sure it’s what you have in mind.

Step Three:

The beta version is ready and we put it up, live, under your domain name (which I can help you secure, if needed) on your hosting site (again, if you’d like, I can help you contract with a hosting site). Together we look at any tweaks that need to be made.

Step Four:

We sit together and I show you EXACTLY how to access the pages or posts on your site that you may want to update as time goes on. Easy.

Step Five:

Get ready for those compliments from customers and friends about how great your site is!

That’s it.  Contact me, and we’ll get started!