Preparing for your website build

To get your website up and running ASAP, here are some things to think about before our initial meeting:

What will be the purpose of your website?

Information? Sales leads? Education? Blogging? Gallery displays? Not sure? We'll talk about it!

Who is your target market?

Out-of-towners? Local folks? A certain demographic?

Do you have a domain name?

If not, search out names that might work for you. ( is an easy place to search for available domains.)

How do you envision your landing page?

How do you envision your landing page? Having some examples of pages from websites that you admire is helpful.

What pictures would you like to include?

If you have images or other media you know you want to include, that's a great start.

Logo, color pallet and font

Do you have a logo, and is there a color pallet and font that you use, or that you have in mind?

What pages will you need?

You may want only "About" "Contact" "Blog" "Services," or similar. Or you might need quite a few primary pages and numerous sub-pages. How would you like your site organized?


Do you already have materials with language that you'd like to use on the site?

Bring your vision to the table. Together we’ll build the site you want, the site your business needs.