I have a website but I don't like it. Can you re-make what's there?

Absolutely. We’re happy to work with you. 

Websites are reportedly easy to create. Can't I develop my own?

Sure you can. And people do. But if you are not interested in learning about widgets and slugs and SEO and sliders and pages vs posts and … well, you get the point. Learning all of that is not for everyone, especially not someone whose time is already consumed by running her or his own business. Learning how to maintain your site, however, can save you money. At our post-launch meeting we show clients who are interested how to do this.

Why do you build sites on WordPress.org?

WordPress is a great content management system with extensive options. Approximately 39.5% of the web uses WordPress (source: SearchEngineJournal.com), including many, many companies that you’ve heard of (click here to get more information on why so many companies choose WordPress). It’s not a cookie-cutter platform, so your site won’t look like it came out of a box. Plus it’s open source (which means it’s constantly being reviewed and updated by the best in the industry), it’s well supported, and, oh yeah, there’s no platform cost. All good.

I'd really rather not maintain my website myself. Can I pay you to do that?

Yes. If you want help in the ongoing maintenance of your site, from software updates to text changes, let me know. I offer an affordable hourly rate. I also have colleagues who specialize in social media marketing if you are interested in that.

How much do you charge?

Cost always depends upon a site’s unique requirements. For builds and re-makes, I can provide a “one price all in” quote. For smaller jobs, I charge an hourly rate of $45.

Echo Pines - where did that name come from?

My spouse and I own a rental cottage on Mount Desert Island which is on Echo Pines Road. It has a view of Echo Lake, which is one of the lakes within Acadia National Park. Pretty sweet, and good inspiration for a name.