About Us

About Us – The “us” is you and me, because building a website takes both of us!

When I meet with you, I’ll want you to tell me all about you and your business. But for now, I’ll tell you about me. 

My background is in business, writing, and editing. I went to Miami University in Ohio and then to Boston College for an MBA. I remained in Boston, not uncoincidentally because my boyfriend, who is now my husband, happened  to be there. A good choice, both in location and husband.

Over the years I worked for a hospital goods manufacturer, ran a bed and breakfast (farmhouse, horses, chickens, domestic dogs and not- quite-so-domestic cats), worked for a security testing company and a college bookstore, did freelance editing for everything from business publications to novels, and wrote a few essays and other pieces that were published in a variety of places (click here to see a portfolio of my published work).

Over time my editing and writing took a turn toward websites, and I became curious about the development end. Somewhat to my surprise, I discovered that I love it!  Website development joins my business side (helping you with your presence on the web), and my writing and editing side (making sure that everything on your site is well-worded and grammatically correct).  I meet great people and have a lot of fun.

My spouse and I have two sons, both (mostly) grown. One lives on the west coast (but not forever, right, honey?) and the other is in college at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, in MA (love those east coast schools).  They keep me grounded and try to give me an inkling of what’s cool.

What else do I do? I love to do just about anything outdoors – hike, cross-country ski, kayak, hang out in a hammock. I also rock climb, although that’s usually at an indoor gym.  I befriend everyone’s dogs and I feed birds. I volunteer at two SPCA’s, one in Maine and one in New Hampshire. I’m involved in my church. I pick wild blueberries, laugh with friends, and share gourmet meals with my husband, a fantastic cook. I spend time being grateful.

Now, tell me about you!